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6.0 Earthquake shakes American Canyon California

Breaking news: Reported live from Marriot Courtyard Novato California.

Residents of Novato and Vallejo California were awaken by a 6.0 Earthquake at 3:22 am. Sunday morning. As M.C. Hammer and others tweet the event, we’re warned to expect aftershocks. There is no damage being reported from San Francisco and surrounding areas at this time. Sunday morning’s quake follows a series of small events reported Saturday evening.

In Novato the durration of the earthquake was 15 seconds or so with a side/sway shaking motion; enough motion to get one out of bed but no glass or furniture breakage reported. None the less, this old dog is now wide awake.

According to USGS, the epicenter of the early morning shaker is American Canyon Ca, northeast of Vallejo Ca. Regional residents are warned to expect several aftershocks over the next 48 hours or so.

We are reminded to move away from possible falling objects durring an earthquake episode. Book cases, overhead lighting, loose apliances and other unsecured objects can be deadly. Also, after an initial tremor, it is advised to leave the structure untill possible damage assesment is completed.

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