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Earthquake in California today: ‘Slide not thrust' quake felt different, longer

One of the many buildings with damage in 6.0 earthquake centered near Napa, California Sunday morning.
One of the many buildings with damage in 6.0 earthquake centered near Napa, California Sunday morning.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A 6.0 earthquake hit Napa Valley and surrounding areas in the wee hours of Sunday morning. As soon as the sun came up the widespread damage was evident. Major damage to buildings were seen on “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday morning Aug. 24.

“Fires, buildings collapsed, gas leaks, flooding, down powered lines and people trapped is what the news alert coming over Fox is reporting on Sunday morning. The biggest issue right now is the fires erupting from broken gas line. The water main breaks are making it hard for firemen to get to water to fight the fires.

People are trapped in homes after doors have buckled and some collapsed buildings are being searched for anyone who may have been inside. The extent of the damage and injuries are not known yet, as the sun has just come up and responders are in high demand throughout the area of the quake, reports Fox News today.

ABC News this Aug. 24 earthquake was followed by “dozens of aftershocks” with one registering 3.6, according to the USGS. Reports of several fires and damaged buildings are coming out of Napa this morning.

CBS News reports “significant damage in Napa” today. The USGS reports “at least 36 aftershocks” now recorded. USGS predicts a significant aftershock of at least 5.0 within the next few days. They report there is a 54 percent chance of a big aftershock occurring anytime after this major quake this morning. Highway 37 ramps are shutdown, reports CBS.

The earthquake shook people out of bed at 3:20 a.m. local time, with the epicenter of the quake located about six miles southwest of Napa and 51 miles west-southwest of Sacramento. This earthquake was a “slip” and not a “thrust,” which is described by Rick Reichmuth of Fox News.

Reichmuth said the best way to describe this “slide” is with an example he gave live on Sunday morning news. The spot that you are standing in would slide to the left or right depending on which direction this earthquake went in. This might explain what eyewitnesses claimed when calling into the news show this morning.

Many commented on the length of time this earthquake went on for, which felt much longer to those who have experienced California earthquakes before. One woman said that the quake “felt” different than any that she’s experienced before. Besides it lasting longer, she said it had the same feeling as if you were in a car going over a gravel road. That jiggling you experience driving over gravel is how this quake felt to this resident.

This is the biggest quake since the 1989 quake which devastated the area. Some are reporting seeing more damage to their businesses and homes than they did in the ’89 quake.

Buildings have collapsed, a mobile home park fire has destroyed homes and it is because of a broken water main leaving the fire department without a water supply to fight the fire. Only 10 percent of the people in California have earthquake insurance, this is because the cost is astronomical.

Before 1994, 40 percent of the businesses and homes carried earthquake insurance, but after a quake that left wide-spread damage that year, the insurance company jacked up the premiums so high, the cost became out of reach for many, according to Fox News.

Many of the roads in the earthquake stricken area are buckled and cracked, making getting around in some areas a dangerous and tasking endeavor. Bridge inspections are underway already as crews look for damage in the area infrastructures. Thousands of people in Northern California are without power.

Only two people with serious injuries are reported so far, but hospitals are seeing others with minor injuries today. Fox reports an early count so far is 70 seeking medical treatment from concussions, broken bones and other minor injuries. There were no deaths reported from this quake. Arik Housley, a Napa Valley store owner spoke with Fox News from his business and the inside of his grocery mart is a mess. He, like many other business owners have lost a good majority of their products in this quake.

The damage from this quake could reach upward of $1 billion, Fox reports. The assessment of damage may take days to complete.

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