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5th Story Boy Band Star Is Recovering In Hospital After A Car Accident


Last night on Twitter a statement was posted that James ‘Kenzie’ Mackenzie was in a serious car accident. The singer who was once in UK boy band ‘Blazin Squad’, is now recovering in hospital.

Kenzie came back in the spot light after appearing on the UK television show ‘The Big Reunion’. He joined Gareth Gates, Dane Bowers, Adam Rickitt and Kavana to make the new boy band 5th Story. The singer is now expected to miss a number of upcoming events.

Kenzie was on his way home after performing at a nightclub in Epping on Saturday night. The gigs he’s now likely to miss include concerts scheduled in Chester and an appearance at Chilfest. A number of boybands have come together after appearing on the first and second series of ITV2’s Big Reunion show, which has brought back a host of UK 90s bands for a noughties comeback. The individual members of the bands headed to Manchester as part of a hectic promotional tour, and were also pictured soaking up some rays at the Castlefield studios of radio station Key 103.

When kenzie teamed up with Gareth Gates, Adam Rickitt, Dane Bowers and Kavana to create a supergroup, even the most faithful of boyband fanatics had doubts. Could clean-cut Gareth really pay Freak Me justice? Did Kavana have more than one song?

Surprisingly, the lads actually seemed like a legitimate group, and more than matched the performance of their fellow Big Reunioners. 5th Story are ready to hit the road in October with 3T, Damage and A1, as well as last series' 5ive, 911 and Blue. But don't think that Kenzie will have any problems about hooking up with the senior class – because the Big Reunion originals are actually his former party pals.