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5th Annual Tenor Guitar Gathering to headline Gerry Carthy

Boats on the River
Boats on the River
Catherine Al-Meten

The 5th Annual Tenor Guitar Gathering is just a few days away. From Thursday, June 5-8, music will fill the air. Be sure to get your tickets, and plan on attending this year's special music festival. Unique to Astoria, Oregon, the Tenor Guitar Gathering, the brainchild of tenor guitarist and all around great musician, Mark Josephs. Mark has the Astoria spirit--supporting and encouraging other musicians, songwriters, luthiers in his quest to share his love for the tenor guitar, and tenor guitar's place in the music world.

Mark works tirelessly throughtout the year to bring musicians together from all over the world, to bring their music to Astoria. Just this last week, Mark sent an announcement letting me know that, "The Tenor Guitar Foundation has just added Gerry Carthy to the Gathering!!!!" Just a little excited, Mark Josephs has helped make this annual gathering something we all look forward to.

Mark says, "Gerry Carthy became available at the very last minute and we welcomed him aboard. You can cut his beautiful thick Irish accent with a knife! He will be performing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights so that everyone will have an opportunity to hear this world class tenor guitar player from Ireland.

Please share this with people who are thinking about attending this year's event. Gerry will be flying from New Mexico just to perform here for his first time in Astoria!!! Pass the word about this last minute, that event organizer Mark Josephs describes as a "fantastic addition to an already wondrous gathering of tenor guitarists about to charm all of Astoria".

Gerry Carthy was born in County Mayo, on the West Coast of Ireland. He plays a variety of instruments including banjo, guitar, tenor guitar, tin whistle, saxophone, fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, and vocals. Inspired by the folk revival of Irish music in the '60s and '70s, he spent 10 years playing music at sessions around Galway.

Gerry is one of the founding members of the traditional Irish session at the Crane Bar, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary - the longest running session in Galway. He holds two degrees from the University College Galway: one in English, French, and German, and the other in Teaching Education.

Gerry now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Laura and son, Michael. He carries on the Tradition both through teaching and performances. He has been on faculty with the Music Department at the College of Santa Fe for 15 years, where he has taught classes and private lessons in tin whistle, banjo, guitar, and Celtic Ensemble. In addition, Gerry is an Artist in Residence for the New Mexico Arts Commission and has taught tin whistle and Irish language at Santa Fe Community College. He performs at Celtic festivals around the United States and plays regularly in the Santa Fe region.

Sing Out Magazine wrote that “Gerry Carthy plies his trade from Santa Fe, but this County Mayo-born musician is a purist’s delight…” The Fifth Annual Tenor Guitar Gathering is at hand. Get your tickets, buy your t-shirt, and support the Tenor Guitar Gathering.

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