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5th Annual Tenor Guitar Gathering, Coming June 5-8

Mark Josephs, Tenor Guitarist
Catherine Al-Meten

The 5th Annual Tenor Guitar Gathering will take place in Astoria, Oregon June 5,6,7,8, 2014. It is the only event of it's kind in the world. "We look at Astoria, Oregon as the unofficial Tenor Guitar Capital of The World," Mark Josephs, President of the Tenor Guitar Foundation, told us, "People have come here from all over the country not only to bond over this unique instrument, but to enjoy the charming town with it's delicious restaurants, beautiful places to stay overlooking the Columbia River, and fun attractions. People come back every year, so I know we must be doing something right. We have handy links on our site to help people find places to stay and things to do while they are in town for the gathering of tenor guitars." Visit the Tenor Guitar Gathering website for all details and updates.

This year will feature the largest gathering of tenor guitar performers in the world including: Tim May, The Lion Sons, Tom Molyneaux, Carl Allen, Professor Douglas Fraser, Jean Mann. Erich Sylvester, Pat Mac Swyney, Stephen Schauer, John Lawlor, EZ Marc Poschman and Mark Josephs. "Each of these artists are headliners in their own right. All musicians participating in this year's event specialize in different styles and all share a heartfelt affinity towards the tenor guitar.

Four evenings of concerts at two different venues. The best way to enjoy everything would be to arrive on Wednesday and leave on Monday.

"This year we will have some fun new workshops, like our "Build Your Own Electric Three String Slide Cigar Box Guitar Workshop" where you can walk out with a playable instrument." Josh Reynolds, the son of Nick Reynolds of The Kingston Trio, said, "And I'll be teaching a workshop on tenor guitar techniques my Dad used with the Kingston Trio. It's going to be a lot of fun!"

"Each year the Tenor Guitar Foundation inducts noted players selected by the Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame Advisory Board into the Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame. This year Jerry Thomason, who created Texas Fiddle back up tenor guitar while working with his Father, will be inducted as well as Jimmie Dodd, one of the original Mouseketeers," Tom Molyneaux, one of the advisory board members said. "Jimmy Dodd's "Mousketar" was actually a four string tenor guitar tuned CGDA."

"Last year we were able to donate a portion of ticket sales to the Astor Street Opry Company Playhouse and also to Coast Radio. This year we will do the same. So when you buy your tickets for four nights of music that only passes through town once a year, you are also helping to support two 'jewels of the community'" Mark Josephs mentioned.

For tickets and information about workshops, as well as a printable program of events and locations, and to learn more about the Tenor Guitar Foundatin and the 5th Annual Festival in Astoria, Oregon at the Tenor Guitar Foundation website. Mark Josephs, the Tenor Guitar Gathering founder and organizer, is busy looking for housing for musicians. If you are interested in hosting participants of this year's festival, contact Mark Josephs at

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