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58-Year-Old Woman Protecting Her Mother's Snacks at Bob Hope Airport Sent to Jail then Fined

More than a year after charges of alleged battery, Nadine Kay Hayes continues to face the consequences of an incident that took place between her and Transportation Security Administration officials at Bob Hope Airport.

In April of 2009, Hayes was stopped at the airport security checkpoint. According to the arrest report, Hayes struck the TSA supervisor who tried to apprehend an ice cooler that Hayes held. Hayes denies this and explains that she did not strike but rather brought her hand down to guard her 93-year-old ailing mother’s applesauce, cheese, milk and soda in a cooler that she had emailed the TSA about prior to the trip.

“Please advise, as I do not want to have complications at the airport,” Hayes noted in her email about the food for her mother.

Hayes then allegedly ignored instructions to release the soda that she grabbed out of the cooler she had handed over and then drank the soda in a sterile area.

"Did I drink a soda? Yes, I drunk a soda. Did I know I was in a sterile area and could not do so? No I did not," Hays said. "I am not a belligerent person. I don't defy the law. I didn't struggle with the soda. I let them have it," Hayes told the Glendale-News Press.

Last month her case was dismissed by the LA County Superior Court on the condition that the 58-year-old woman, who looks after her 93-year-old mother, stay out of trouble. Last week she received a four-page letter from the TSA threatening to impose civil penalties of up to $10,000. Today she received a fine of $2,500, in addition to the $15,000 she spent in legal fees resulting from the incident. Hayes refuses to pay the penalty.

Would this have played out the same way had it been a 58-year-old man encountering the same officials? Likely yes. It’s quite bizarre nonetheless.

Food for Thought: Is asserting legal punishment and control for control’s sake just as important as using rules and laws for protection?


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