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57th Street Beach is clean for now

Gage Park High Schoolers doin it!
Gage Park High Schoolers doin it!
JoAnn Fastoff

A sincere thanks to the 32 volunteers that helped "G's Army" clean up 57th Street Beach on Saturday, September 25, 2010. In a little over two hours we were able to pick up 1,154 lbs. of debris, filling 23 bags of trash and 21 bags of recycled articles.

Thanks especially to Gage Park High School students and staff who were generous enough to give of their time even though they were on school break!

If we are to continue to enjoy Lake Michigan and its beaches we must be serious in keeping it clean from debris. This means using the blue and black trash receptacles located on the beaches instead of just throwing your trash on the ground. If we all pitch in we can enjoy the beaches and lakes and leave a positive legacy for our children and their children to carry on. Let's not take fresh water for granted.

I bet if you asked people from Somalia, Benin, Haiti, or even New Orleans what fresh water means to them, they just might say "It means life."




  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    And on top of it all, it was fun. Thanks, JoAnn

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Great job and thank you!

  • rach 4 years ago

    oh great, you provided statistics on your results. no really, that is great. so next time, we can see how well the citizens are keeping up.

  • Rlynn 4 years ago

    Wonderful!!! Especially putting it in perspective for us all by saying, "It means life." Well said.

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