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56th annual Grammy Awards celebrates the new "norm" of homosexual unions

Last night's Grammy Awards show included several public weddings, including homosexual couples according to the Denver Post. The mass marriage ceremony was officiated by Queen Latifah who declared: "I look forward to the day that presiding over a historic ceremony like this is just the norm."

The event included the award-winning song, "Same Love," in celebration of same-sex unions. Naturally, it brought tears to the audience according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Expressing the typically open-ended reasoning of celebrities, one record producer, Paul Williams, told the audience: "When we saw those wonderful marriages and 'Same Love,’ that’s the height of fairness. The power of love is the most powerful combination of all.”

It was unclear if the "power of love" included polyamorous unions or incestuous relationships. Perhaps if Mr. Williams took a cue from Richard Dawkins' relativistic stance toward "mild pedophilia," then consensual pedophiliac unions could be celebrated at the 57th Grammy Awards.

To many followers of Christ this event comes as no surprise. The promoting of sexual deviancy has been the mainstay of Hollywood and the music industry for a few generations. But the fruits of the 60s "sexual revolution" have not fully matured.

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