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560-hp Beetle: Compact car entering Global RallyCross, Beetle is one fast bugger

A 560-hp Beetle is the compact car that vehicle enthusiasts everywhere are talking about this week, as Volkswagen has just confirmed it will be racing the Beetle-based ride in the 2014 Global RallyCross Championship. With a direct-injected four-cylinder engine and turbocharged mechanics acting as the power behind this tiny racer, the Beetle may prove to be one fast little bugger on the course. The CS Monitor shares this Friday, Feb. 7, 2014, that Volkswagen will be one of the new teams to watch this year as they enter the national racing championship using this all-wheel drive vehicle.

The Beetle car, soon racing in the RallyCross Championship
VW of America Photo, AutoGuide

The 560-hp Beetle was revealed this week to be a new competitor in the Global RallyCross Championship, a sporting event which has only gained more popularity with each coming year. Among a number of speedy teams, Volkswagen is entering the fray with their partner Andretti Autosport. Their ride of choice? A new GRC racer that is based on the compact Beetle.

While the car itself might be fast, a vehicle alone can’t win a race. However, the VW team has also been able to recruit the 2011 and 2012 Global RallyCross racing champion Tanner Foust in addition to Scott Speed (of Formula One) as their experienced drivers.

According to the press release on the 560-hp Beetle, the 2014 Chicago Auto Show was used as the primary venue through which Volkswagen disclosed to the public its intention to enter the popular sport. However, more time will be needed before this speedy little bugger is able to hit the course.

“VW used today’s 2014 Chicago Auto Show to announce its entry into the sport, but the team’s Beetle GRC racer isn’t ready yet. While development is completed, the team will initially compete using modified Polo rally cars, built on the chassis that won the 2013 World Rally Championship. VW is hoping the Beetle GRC will be ready by June. Like rival cars based on the likes of the Dodge Dart, Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Veloster, the Beetle GRC will develop upwards of 600 horsepower from a turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder engine. All-wheel drive will be standard, too.”

For those car enthusiasts who are unaware, the Global RallyCross Championship (GRC) is a very quickly expanding motorsport that has found a wide audience here in the U.S. It involves a number of cars racing against one another to the timed clock of a separate series of heats. A closed course of pavement and dirt is the site of these races, including a potential massive 70-foot jump. The 2014 season will begin this May, so keep your eye out for this compact Beetle with over 560 horsepower as a major contender.

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