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551 pound convict: House arrest unecessary, claims convict too fat to leave home

A 551-pound convict from Florida is appealing his house arrest because the morbidly obese man says he’s simply too fat to leave his home anyway. Steven Goldman, 70, has served nearly two years of a 30-month house arrest sentence for his involvement in a prescription drug ring, and now is appealing to a judge to have the remaining few months commuted.

Goodman and his attorneys already convinced a judge in 2012 that he was too heavy to be sent into a general population prison cell, and now are asking for additional considerations because of his sickly overweight condition.

Writes UPI on July 24: “Goodman has about seven months left of the 30-month sentence [U.S. District Judge Kenneth] Marra gave him for supplying more than one million oxycodones to ‘pain management’ clinics that distributed the pills illegally.”

Since 2012, Goodman, a former pharmacist, has only left his home three times – once to get married. His doctors estimate that his deteriorating health will bring about his death within 12 months, and Goodman told the judge that he wants to leave his home “to say goodbye” to friends and family.

In a 10-page appeal request, Goodman’s lawyers wrote that “home confinement with electronic monitoring is both unnecessary and futile because his physical and medical condition effectively confines him to his home.” Goodman has an intense fear of falling over, and for that reason, the podgy crook never moves from his bed.

“His fear is so overwhelming, he just stays home rather than venturing out. Goodman spends most days in his bedroom in isolation… Each day may be one of his last,” said Goodman's attorney Edward Page.

But federal Judge Marra was unmoved by Goodman’s argument, saying that the house arrest was not done as a favor to Goodman, but to spare the prison the burden of having to care for the obese convict, who cannot bathe, walk or dress himself without assistance.

Writes the Orlando Sentinel:

Marra sentenced Goodman to confinement in his Treasure Island home near St. Petersburg because the prison system is ill-equipped to handle someone so large. He can't dress or bathe himself, and prison beds wouldn't accommodate him, the judge said. He'd also be exposed to unlimited portions of prison food, according to court records.

In his decision, Marra wrote: “Defendant was spared a prison sentence, not as a favor to him, but in order to spare the Bureau of Prisons the burden of having to care for him. If defendant's health and obesity effectively confines him to his home, then continuation of that restriction will not adversely affect him.”

Do you agree with the judge’s ruling, or do you think this corpulent criminal should be granted some leniency? Sound off below.

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