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55 plus group to meet September 5, 2010

Photo of Swimming Rope
Photo of Swimming Rope

Everyone is welcome to attend this Sunday, September 5, 2010, as Redeemers, a group for 55 year-olds and above, will congregate to hear Jean Orr speak on “Let Hope be Your Rope.” All who gather will enjoy snacks before the program, held at 11:00am at Orchard Road Christian Center.

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 47 years, Ms. Orr founded Restoration Ministries International Christian Counseling in 1998. Her desire is “to let seniors know their hope is in Jesus Christ and that no matter what age they are, he gives hope for the stage they're in.” Jean is located at 2755 S. Locust, Ste. 209, Denver,  Colorado and can be reached at 303-753-6677 for an appointment.

Karen Zirger, Vice President of Marilyn Hickey Ministries had struggled with ailing parents living in Missouri for about ten years before the group began. During this time, she became educated about the challenges faced by elders.

Pastor Pat Mahoney of Orchard Road Christian Center started Redeemers and although Karen had many ideas, she was unable to participate at first because of her parents. The first day of the meeting, her father passed away. After this, God called her to be involved in the ministry and she’s been running it since.

The group began in 2007, and God would use Sarah Bowling, a Pastor at Orchard Road Christian Center, for the choice of their name.

The morning of their first meeting, Sarah taught about Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son. Jonathan and King David had formed an alliance and became best friends and David never forgot his promise to him. Sarah taught how David redeemed Mephibosheth and the teaching impressed those who came that morning so much that they wanted their group to be named--Redeemers.

Redeemers was originally formed to incorporate the 60 +better crowd, when those younger than 60 began to come. They changed it to 55 and above, and now say anyone is welcome. Age does not matter. Their mission is to share their love and wisdom, generation to generation.


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