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55 bodies exhumed at Florida boys' reform school: 24 bodies not recorded

55 bodies have been recovered from the grounds of a former Florida reform school for boys. The excavation processed has yielded these 55 bodies from graves on the school grounds, which are 24 more remains of boys than records from the Arthur Dozier School for Boys indicated, according to CBS News on Jan. 28.

55 bodies uncovered in Florida boys' reform school. This is dozens more than the shcool had death and burial records for.
Wikimedia Commons

The gruesome and tedious job of collecting the pieces of bones and teeth from each individual grave started in September after researchers used ground-penetrating radar machines to map out the individual unmarked graves.

The school, which opened around 1900, was notorious for its horrendous treatment of the boys housed there. It had been the target of repeated federal and state investigations before closing its doors. Plans to continue the search for more bodies are in the works.

School records indicate that 96 boys died during the time the school was in operation. A team numbering close to 50 researches will start the time consuming identification process using dental records and DNA testing.

The researchers hope to pinpoint the cause of death of each child during the identification process. The people involved in this identification process are still searching for 42 families of some of these deceased boys to collect a DNA sample from. The family list has been released online and if anyone needs more information they are asked to call Master Detective Greg Thomas of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at (813) 247-8678.

The death dates for these boys on the list released from the sheriff’s office range from 1914 to 1952. Their closest family member at the time is also provided on the list. It would be the relatives of these boys that the authorities are searching for.

Click below for the list of boys’names whose relatives are needed for the DNA testing:

Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys Family List.

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