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54-year-old woman drops 166 pounds

Teena Henson lost 166 pounds

Nutrition, or more correctly sane eating is a -- or is the -- lifestyle that gets you fit.

If you are interested is what works in the weight-loss and fitness games, start here:

  • NEVER stop eating
  • NEVER restrict yourself to, say, a grapefruit diet or any other diet.
  • NEVER say you can NEVER eat (fill in the blank). Don't ever do that unless something gives you a toxic or allergic reaction that can kill you.

Diets that restrict food are stupid, because they can not be maintained for long.

This lady lost half her body weight

Her deal is not complicated, but is indicative of what needs to be done to get fit.

It isn't hard, it is mainly moving your mindset away from eating as a sport, or as a substitute for something missing in your life.

Take a look here for a choice of links. Warning: There is not much to what she does, because there is not much to losing weight. You can right tell anybody what is the answer, yah?

Cinta anda

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