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530 Fatties: Facebook page shames unwary 'fatties' in the 530 Calif. area code

A “530 Fatties” Facebook page is stirring controversy this week after the shaming site targeted "fat" residents in the 530 area code – a metropolitan community including Yuba and Sutter Counties in Northern California's Central Valley. The Facebook page seems to have been created for the sole purpose of disparaging overweight individuals.

Reports CBS Sacramento on July 21: “530 Fatties appears to be created by someone who lives within the local 530 area code, and featured photos of overweight or obese people in public without their permission. With those photos are words mocking the subjects’ weight.”

One of the unsuspecting women who was featured on the reproachful site was 18-year-old Jessi Lynn Howell, who discovered a picture of herself uploaded to the page that was taken back in October. As to how it ended up on the 530 site, Howell isn’t sure.

The Facebook page has since been taken down. The address of the page seemed fictitious – only one digit off of the street address for a local Walmart in the 530 area code, and the phone number listed by the creator was disconnected.

The page featured pictures of obese women, most of them in public, with hateful, mocking comments spewed next to each photo.

“It’s really hurtful and it’s really embarrassing,” she said. “I know it’s probably someone from around here, and whoever it is they need to stop because that’s ridiculous.”

Although the page has been deleted off of Facebook, the damage is already done. Reports the Inquisitr:

The person behind 530 fatties may have mocked the overweight, but he or she did so without being aware of the real-life problems faced by the obese. Howell says she was struggling with weight issues due to a medical problem, and the photo on 530 fatties was posted when she was 50 pounds heavier in the fall of last year. Medication has helped her lose the weight, and she won’t let the 530 fatties photo slow her down.

“I’m not where I want to be, but I’ll get there, I’ll get there,” she said. “Cyberbullying—bullying period—it needs to stop. It needs to stop. So I’m going to be a voice today for those people that don’t have that voice.”

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