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530 Fatties Facebook page bullying obese people has been removed

Someone actually spent time creating a Facebook page, called 530 Fatties, to bully persons who are overweight in their community. According to CBS News in Sacramento, California on Tuesday, a person has created a social media page with one purpose in mind. The purpose is to criticize the obese people that were posted on the page. The name, 530 Fatties, includes photos of people from the 530 area code as they appeared out in public. Naturally, the photos were posted without permission from the persons who have found their photos on the Facebook page.

One of the 530 Fatties photos that were removed from Facebook

Most of the photographs included on the web page came from Sutter and Yuba counties. The area code for these two counties in California is 530. Besides the photos of unsuspecting victims of the Facebook creator’s bullying, there were words mocking the people in the photos. On Monday, the page was taken down. The page was removed from the Internet after people reached out to CBS13-TV in Sacramento. The television station looked into the matter for them.

It is still unknown as to who created the page on Facebook. The address listed for the page was one number higher than the address for the Walmart in Yuba City. The phone number listed for the Facebook page has been disconnected.

Newsmax is reporting that the Facebook page was actually taken down by the administrators of Facebook and not the creator of the page. The comments that were found along with the photos were offensive. One comment that accompanied an apparent family of obese people dining inside a frozen yogurt shop on June 27 said, “Janyo is Japanese for makes you fat.” Another photo displayed two persons dressed in law enforcement uniforms in court. Along with that photo, it said, “Got arrested for taking pictures of fat girls in public again. Look who had to let me go.”

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