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52 photo quest challenges to advance your photography skills for 2012

Week 2 - Silhouettes
Week 2 - Silhouettes
© C. Cross 2011

Already into week three of the new year and having so much fun with this I had to share it with you.

52 Photo Quest Challenges for 2012 is a free weekly hands-on photo challenge that accomplishes many important things. This course is designed to keep you thinking, shooting, learning, sharing, handling your camera and analyzing images every week throughout the year. It helps you learn your camera settings and use them to produce specific types of photos. You will need to think about how to approach different asignments. You will share ideas and techniques with other photographers of all levels of accomplishment online all year long.

Every week presents a series of practical photo experiments to sharpen your technical and creative skills. Each week brings a different challenge that requires a unique, creative approach to the problem at hand.

Exercises are self-directed, but you will be sharing your results online with other photographers. You will exchange comments, compliments & critique on each others photos. Learning to analyze images and offer gentle, constructive criticism is part of the process.

Keep it creative. You can think way outside the box or create an iconic image.

Photographers of all levels will improve skills and confidence as these challenges are completed. You'll also enjoy seeing your photos each week alongside the work of other photogs and learning from their creative flair and technical prowess.

For maximum benefit you are encouraged to participate each week, but you may choose to opt out of any challenge for any reason. If you have to miss a week due to a busy schedule, you can jump back in as soon as you are able. You can also catch up with missed assignments any time; simply upload your photo to the correct album!

For all of us busy people, it is also very easy to participate in this program. Come on! One photo a week! Hope to see your images posted here.

For more information and to join the fun please visit


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