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51 Fun things to do that you may not think about (or have forgotten about doing)

Sunrise or sunset. It's a sight to remember not to miss.
Sunrise or sunset. It's a sight to remember not to miss.
Chris Button

Daylight hours:

A Sobering Martini made with Chia seeds
Tina Delzotti


1. Get outta town! (Even if it's down the street.) Get tourist maps and brochures and play tourists for the day. Even better, stay in a hotel!
2. Plan a thrifty shop day. Hit only thrift shops and garage sales and have a contest to see who got the best deals.
3. Hunt and pick wildflowers and display them. They're free and everywhere.
4. Go fishing (with dinner in mind)
5. Go hunting and gathering edible plants and berries for a survival dinner. (*First learn whats edible.)
6. Go Hiking on an easy trail that the whole family can enjoy.
7. Try go-cart racing and/or simulated Nascar racing!

Make someones day:

8. Have a 'Thriftmust' Party' by doing #2, except shop for each other and exchange as wrapped gifts.
9. Make mini bouquets from #3 and hand deliver to those in Nursing homes that may never get flowers. (Great for the children and the elderly)
10. Got a dog? No? Borrow one and take him to the dog park and to a drive-thru. You'll make his day & maybe yours!
11. Clean out your closet and designate giveaways to those in need (or want) by dividing in gift bags with tissue name tags and ribbons. (They'll love the thought and won't care if it's not new.)
12. Plan a surprise theme luncheon complete with a home movie on a cold or rainy day. (See article “A Stylish luncheon and movie with a chocolate flair)

Get Moving:

13. Feeling bored? A little exercise never hurts. Take a walk up the street with no goals in mind. You may to decide to go further than you planned.
14. Windy overcast day? Fly a kite!
15. Go on a picnic to the park. Ride bikes if possible and spend the full day doing something free.
16. Plan a softball game. With a with a group divide and designate with team names and T-shirts for excitement and anticipation to play more!
17. Learn a few Yoga a Pilates stretches. It will do you some good.
18. Have a clean up race. Designate areas to family members with clear instructions and game rules. First to finish wins a prize. (It might be a good idea to have 2nd and 3rd place just in case.)
19. Plan a workout 'Gymboree' at the playground. Set the timer for 1-2 minute reps on each piece of equipment as intervals. Push for 20 minutes of high intensity and then a 5 min stretch. (Swinging is great for stretching, balance and working the abs!)
20. Have a dance party workout (even solo) with your favorite music or a dance video. You will work up a sweat! Here's a great one by Keira LaShae!

Clean Up:

21. Clean your refrigerator. Start by conserving everything edible and stock up by:
22. Juice all the vegetables & fruit for super healthy juice.
23. Make ice cream with the leftover milk, cream, and/or half & half (use pure maple syrup in place of sugar for a healthier version of butter pecan.)
24. Use up the butter, margarine, parsley and garlic by making garlic butter. Freeze in small plastic bags or containers for later use.
25. Clean your freezer by clearing your 'lesser than fresh' items and spend a day of making dishes from them. Prepare for a few days or make homemade TV dinners. (You can also do this with dinner leftovers and freeze. They taste great and come in handy when you don't feel like cooking.)

Nighttime Hours:

Stay Moving:

26. Go Dancing! Really, when's the last time you went dancing?
27. Go for a moonlight walk on the beach or in the park.
28. Go rollerskating, iceskating or bowling.
29. Walk around in some downtown areas you may have forgotten about to see what's new.
30. Join a Zumba or Latin dance class. Really, when's the last time you went dancing?

Party on:

31. Plan a “Hollywood Party” and have your guests dress as their favorite celebrity. (If you want to save time and money, do BYOB and or dish.)
32. See # 29 and dare to venture inside where there's live music and dancing. Really, when's the last time you went dancing?
33. Okay, so you don't dance. Sit and listen to the band or watch everyone else dance and rate them. If you're really brave hold up number boards from 1-10.
34. Go do some Karaoke! Or stay home and have a Karaoke party. Winner has to sing with Peanut butter in their mouth.
35. Can't sing? That's okay. Wait until the end of the night to get your turn at Karaoke. By then, most won't know the difference but if your the loser it get's recorded and posted on Face Book.

Get Romantic:

36. Prepare a nighttime picnic (e.g on the beach with wine and cheese). Take a blanket and gaze at the stars.
37. Sext your mate the plans you have for them when they get home from. Start by sending a photo of a candlelit doorway....with an article of clothing laying by.
38. Do #27 while holding hands and pretending it's a first date. No kissing until the second date...#36.
39. Do #36 and pretend you're married.....oh wait you're already married. Okay pretend you just got married then go get a room. Really, no one wants to see you slobbering on the beach.
40. Agree to meet your mate separately at a restaurant (take a friend if your shy). Sit at opposite tables and tease each other.
41. Do #1 and bring massage oil in case one of you gets sore muscles on the way.
42. Go night swimming and re-act the 1st Jaws movie scene. Decide in advance who gets to play Jaws.

Go for the creative chill time:

43. Plan a movie night with a theme: Tacos with “Three Amigos” or Escargot with “Midnight in Paris”.
44. Have a Bible game night. Example: Have everyone choose and research their favorite character from Bible for one week and act them out without revealing who it is. Game is to guess who they are.
45. Have a weekly or monthly card game night with friends or family. (Byob and dish).
46. Put on a fashion show with what's in the closet. Either you or another person pair the outfits with accessories beforehand, then each person models the outcome. Make it real by adding lights, music, cheering and jeering.
47. Have a “Health spa style” get together with low cal healthy dishes and “Sober Martinis” (See recipe below)
48. Plan a “Swap Meet”. Have friends bring clothing or accessories and swap with each other. Put some excitement into it by using tickets for exchange, e.g bring three items get three. For multiple people choosing the same item, draw or vote on who it would look best on.

Have a little devious fun:

49. Have a superhero party. Everyone dress and act like their favorite superhero. Adults included. Lock out anyone who get's out of hand. (This is why this is a nighttime activity.)
50. Have a makeover party.....for men. (Or make sure to invite those that really need a makeover.)
51. Choose one of your better friends or (worst enemy's) pool to donate the other half of your Baby Ruth bar.



Tina's Sober Martini

Scrub vegetables thoroughly & remove large seeds but leave skins since they contain many health benefits.

Start by juicing these organic ingredients:

4 Carrots
2 stalks Celery
4 small Radishes
½ cup Rutabaga or Turnip Root
1 small Beet with green tops
½ cup of dandelion with stems
½ cup Kale
1 Apple
1 Pear
Refrigerate to chill

1 Tbsp Chia seeds
½ Tsp solid Coconut

Cover rim of martini glass with coconut oil and dip in Chia Seeds

(Vodka is optional but for best energy and health benefits leave it out )

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