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50th anniversary of the miniskirt remembered by Reminisce magazine

Jackie O helped popularize the miniskirt
Seth Break

The miniskirt marks the 50th Anniversary of its first appearance in Vogue.

Reminisce—North America’s top-selling nostalgia magazine—has unveiled Mad for Minis, a vivid recap of photos and facts highlighting how these short skirts sparked a fashion rebellion. Long before many of today’s top designers ever hit the runway, the miniskirt was much more than a new wardrobe staple—it symbolized freedom for women whose legs were now free to move.

Did you know…

· London designer Mary Quant is often credited as the mother of the mini, shortening hemlines since the late 1950s and then going on to open her store in Chelsea.

· Quant was inspired by the ballerinas she watched as a child and wanted to create clothes that allowed women to dance. She named her skirt sensation after her favorite car, the Mini Cooper.

· Once the Chelsea-girl look caught on in London and models like Twiggy rose to superstardom, the miniskirt made its way to the U.S.

· American clothing companies were reluctant to adopt the mini—until they spotted trendsetter Jackie Kennedy wearing one.

Miniskirt slideshow here.

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