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$500 reward offered for missing dog in Millilani Oahu

Reward for lost dog "Hoku"
Reward for lost dog "Hoku"
Reward for lost dog "Hoku"

$500 reward offered.

Hoku is a Chihuahua mix,small White/Brown Puppy, (full grown 4-5 lbs) 6 months old. She is part of the family and they are heartbroken over her disappearance.

Markings on Hoku:
- White Arrowhead (Narrow upside-down triangle) on top of her her head, that points to her nose.
- She had a Pink Collar with Red "Heart Tag" with her name, "Hoku" on it.

She was taken from the backyard of a Mililani Townhouse on 5/15/14, (Thursday).

If you have her, the family wants her returned, no questions asked and No police.

or Call 911 and report location of stolen dog. If you help them find her, when we get her back you will get the reward.

What Happened-
Hoku was taken from a Mililani Townhouse backyard on 5/15/14, (Thursday). She was allowed to go in and out of the house, when they weren't home. Apparently someone walking behind Townhomes, let her out or decided to take her. There was no way she could get out by herself.

They love her and need her back home-- also so their 9 year old daughter doesn't have to continue the painful loss again. Her last puppy was killed, while they were gone, for July 4th weekend.

The puppy is just a poi-dog mutt, but they love her. She is part of their family. HPD has a suspect description and trying to ID with a name, but they are not looking for prosecution...they just want Hoku back!

If you know where Hoku is, call 911 and report stolen dog location. (808) 478-7384

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