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$500 reward offered for cat missing in the Pilger, Nebraska tornadoes

$500 reward for Roo
Facebook: Pets Lost & Found of Pilger, Nebraska tornado

This is a missing cat alert for a feline lost in the Pilger, Nebraska tornadoes. A $500 reward has been offered for proof on whether this sweet boy is dead or alive.

Roo, born February 14, 2014 is a Flame Point Himalayan male. Roo isn't neutered and hasn't been declawed. He's white with orange tipped ears, nose and tail.

Roo was last seen right before Pilger Tornado at the old Methodist Church on the corner of 2nd & Cuming Streets.

His home was completely leveled and his family hasn't seen him since. He is so missed and so loved. The children who love him, as well as his owner, are devastated. They could care less about losing their house, to know Roo won't be found or didn't make it, is their biggest loss. Dead or alive they need to know!!!!

If you've seen Roo, please call or text 402-316-6655.

From the Emergency Management Office:

"Despite what people have been hearing from other pet rescue places - We have put ASNN in charge of heading up the direction of animal rescues since they are from this area and have ties with the vet clinics and shelters in the area.

Pet Rescues: Pet Rescues will be handled through the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska. All animals that have been unaccounted for will be at the Stanton County Vet Clinic, Companion animal Clinic in Norfolk, and Puppy Love in Norfolk, If you are missing and animal, please contact those places."

In dealing with the Arkansas tornadoes in late April, we all learned it may take weeks for a missing cat to be found. Someone may have taken the cat in to provide safety until the owner can be found.

Many animals may still be buried under the rubbled, where they are trapped. Several pets emerged from the Arkansas tornado debris, some slightly injured, and many scared but unharmed.

Unfortunately many cats and dogs who are missing may be dead, but it's better to have that knowledge than to be left wondering.

Please share this article with friends in the surrounding Nebraska communities that were destroyed by the tornadoes. If you would like an article about your missing pet, please leave a detailed description on the Pets Lost & Found of Pilger, Nebraska tornado page here.

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