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50 years later, Queens murder still draws interest

The Kew Gardens section of Queens was known as a quiet, extremely safe neighborhood back in early 1960s. This all changed in March of 1964, when a woman's cries for help shattered the quiet of the early-spring night on March 13, 1964.

Kitty Genovese was murdered that night, in a crime that shocked New York, as well as the nation. The crime not only gained attention for its randomness (Genovese was murdered by a total stranger) but also because many people in the quiet Queens neighborhood heard her crying for help, yet did not step in to prevent the crime.

50 years after the shocking crime, it still draws interest. Many people still ask the question: "Why didn't anyone step into help her?"

While there is no good answer to this question, similar cases have occurred since. Even today, many people see wrong being done and do not step in, for the simple reason that they believe someone else will step in to alleviate a situation.

At the time of her murder, Genovese was working as a bartender and living with her significant other. In death, she became a well-known victim of New York crime. Following her murder, many people around the nation started to believe that New York City and the surrounding areas were home to callous, indifferent people who did not care about anyone but themselves and could not be bothered to help this poor woman as she was being killed.

Even today, some people view New Yorkers as self-involved and indifferent to the needs of others.

Genovese's murderer was later sentenced to life in prison.

50 years after this terrible crime, Genovese is remembered as a victim. However, it is much more important to remember her as a person, not a victim.

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