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50 years ago

Fifty years ago on Nov. 22, 1964 the world rock, tilted, and refused to move for the" baby boomer" generation. The first "boomers" were seniors in high school , at college, or working at a job, This was the day that made us take a new look at who we were and what we were doing. What direction should the US take in the future. Some other notable "awakenings" since that time have been the cash of the space shuttle, and the World Trade Center. There are others for each of us, but not bringing the entire nation to a stop.

Placing a wreath on the tomb of the unknown solider in honor of JFK
Placing a wreath on the tomb of the unknown solider in honor of JFK
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A visionary leader
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President John F. Kennedy was a leader with a vision and the courage to implement his plans. He was every boy's hero. His wife Jacqueline Kennedy was every girls dream. Together they captured the heart of the US. We all wanted to be them. Present Kennedy's programs' built the foundations of our country today. The Peace Corp, civil rights, and facing down the communist countries. There bad moments as well like the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, riots in the southern states over integration.

Like so many of our heroes, John F. Kennedy set a standard for the nation. He was a WWII survivor and he help save is crew and himself when he commanded PT109, and he faced pain everyday with his back. He had weakness as well. He reminds us that he was man who stood up to make a difference.

Nov. 22, 1964 was a bad day for all of us who thought "Camelot" was real. It was also a good day to show other countries that we as Americans were strong, resilient,