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$50 spay and neuter program for pitbulls in the Brockton area

Shelter Me Inc (, our nonprofit animal rescue organization, receives several calls a week-- from pitbull owners in the greater Brockton area--responding to our offer to spay or neuter their dogs for $50. The price is a very good value, especially considering that it includes vaccines for distemper and rabies.

Shelter Me Inc, a nonprofit animal rescue organization sponsors a  $50 spay and neuter program for pitbulls in Brockton and surrounding towns. Pitbull owners can participate in the program by calling 617-549-8523.
Shelter Me Inc.
The owner of this pitbull got their dog fixed for only $50.
Shelter Me Inc

Shelter Me Inc is lucky enough to partner with Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston who frequently parks their Spay Waggin’ in Brockton, which makes our program especially convenient for pitbull owners who live in South Shore towns and cities.

All a pitbull owner needs to do is call Shelter Me Inc at 617-549-8523 to sign-up and we’ll put their name on a list that we share with ARL and give them a telephone number to make a reservation directly with ARL. They charge the pitbull owners on our list $50 and charge us back $100 for each dog. It’s a great deal for us, too, because that price affords us an opportunity to help many, many people and their pets.

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