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'50 Shades of Grey' auditions? Joe Biden, Martha Stewart shock on 'Ellen'

Ellen DeGeneres talks "50 Shades of Grey" audition tapes
Ellen DeGeneres talks "50 Shades of Grey" audition tapes
Ellen DeGeneres/screen shot

50 Shades of Grey fans know that the movie from the popular book is in the works. The bestselling novel inspired readers around the world and then the desire of a movie was impossible to ignore. The film finished work in Vancouver according to the Latino Post on Wednesday. On Thursday The Ellen Show offered up a few additional audition tapes from people who might have been considered for the movie parts and shared the comedy with the audience. The humorous spoof had people giggling at Vice President Joe Biden and Martha Stewart as it was so ridiculously funny.

"Real. Not edited. This is Joe Biden’s '50 Shades' audition," said Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show. She was not only making a joke that the tape was fake, but overemphasizing so it was impossible that the tape could be anything but a funny moment. And just to be clear, the video definitely was a spoof.

Hilariously, Vice President Joe Biden’s speech from a recent campaign was edited to string along words in a way to conjecture that he might be perfect for the part of Christian Grey. And then there was Martha Stewart who also looked sexy in the audition tape trying out for the female lead. The video was edited to say some really enticing words.

The 50 Shades of Grey audition tapes were a hilarious spoof on celebrities that no fans would have even considered for the parts. Not only did The Ellen Show make it funny, they offered fans a reason to be delighted that the film was already cast with the perfect actors.