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'50's 'washing your hair' excuse over. One 'n Only Speed Style to the rescue!

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My mom used to talk about how in the '50's, when hair washing took forever, that was an excuse not to date someone or go out. "I'm washing my hair that night," one would say insouciantly. In reality, when one did shampoo, it meant rolling your hair into a 'do and drying it overnight or under a bonnet dryer at the salon for like, at least an hour. I remember bonnet dryers, if that doesn't age me horribly.

But what if you really do want to go out, travel and see the world on a moment's notice? Speed Style™ Dry Shampoo will rescue your social life! I was glad to be hosted to experience it.

Though you can't take it in a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag, it's great if you're traveling by other means or at home. Your hair is left super fluffy, without white flakes like some dry shampoos. Also, it's not sticky, so you can easily style your hair. You just spray it in and wait a minute. That's it!

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