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50 people scalded by hot water to frozen trick that reported encouraged

boiling water turn to snow before hitting the ground
boiling water turn to snow before hitting the ground
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You may have seen the videos circulating where people throw a pot of boiling water into the air and it falls frozen to the ground. These are especially popular since the polar vortex bore down on the U.S. An ABC reporter decided to try the theoretically cool trick on the air.

They threw the water up and it was a viral sensation after that. Even WCCO-TV anchor, Jason DeRusha, was tweeting for people to try it, and try it they did.

Monday and Tuesday alone Los Angeles Times recorded 50 people just on social media alone who had either burned themselves or their friends. Several of these individuals had to seek out medical treatment. One twitter account showed its owner saying "I'm working in the ER today &this woman just got 2nd degree burns from trying to freeze boiling water into the air!"

Other twitter accounts stated; "Blayne and I just did the boiling water thing and I accidentally threw all the BOILING water against the wind and burnt myself."

"So I did the thing where you make snow and not all the boiling water froze and now my head is burned."

"I did that boiling water thing except I threw it weird so it came back and burnt my hand."

"So I did that boiling water snow thing but the wind whipped it back at me and my hands are STILL burning lol I can't hold anything."

"so my mom threw boiling water outside and she threw it on herself and burnt herself."

"Tried throwing boiling water in the air. Burnt my hand."

Unfortunately the victims were not only adults, but the St. Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri also reported injuries.

The Minneapolis TV anchor, DeRusha, who told people to do it over Twitter released a statement to the Los Angeles Times saying he could not comment without permission from his superiors. He was later found to have released a statement on BuzzFeed saying "Sorry that anyone got hurt! I look forward to the post on all the Minnesotans who did this safely!" Again on Tuesday morning, he stated, "None of those people are from MN or followers of mine."

Maybe this is one trick that people shouldn't try at home.

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