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50 kids stranded on school buses overnight: Hundreds sleep at school in Atlanta

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50 kids were stranded on a school buses overnight in the frigid temperatures during the snowstorm that blanketed Atlanta Tuesday. The kids were still in the buses early Wednesday morning. School was not called off even after the weather forecast called for dangerous conditions, but as the snow and winds made travel treacherous, school was let out early. This caused an uproar with parents who say school should have never have opened at all on Tuesday.

“Fox and Friends” live on Wednesday morning reports that many children were also stuck spending the night at their school after the buses on the road carrying the kids were stuck in snow and gridlock traffic. CNN reports via KWCH local TV on Wednesday that school buses were also used to transport people to local shelters in their first run, before picking up the kids at school.

Once the buses picked up the school children, the roads became impassable and this is when the drivers were stranded with more than 50 kids overnight on the buses. KWCH reports about 50 kids are still stuck on buses Wednesday morning, having been in the bus since midday Tuesday.

The spokesperson for the Atlanta Public School system, Kimberly Willis Green, said this morning that she didn’t have an estimate on the number of kids that didn’t make it home from school on Tuesday and who ended up sleeping overnight at their school.

Home Depot, which is an Atlanta based business, opened all 26 of their stores in the storm area to offer shelter to stranded travelers. They opened their employee lounge so folks could watch TV and they opened up their garden centers offering a quiet area in the stores to sit and read.

There is no word on the school kids stuck in the buses or how they fared through the night.



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