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50-foot snowman: Minnesota farmer builds a giant snow sculpture

A Minnesota farmer built 50-foot snowman. Greg Novak of Gilman spent hundreds of hours this winter building the massive snow sculpture. According to I4U on Mar. 4, he named it "Granddaddy."

50-foot snowman: Minnesota farmer builds a giant snow sculpture.
screenshot Huffingtonpost video (St. Cloud Times)

This 50-foot snowman shows the cheerful side of the prolonged winter in the country.

50-foot snowman creators neighbors that that surely he had lost his mind. Turns out, he was just being practical and creative at the same time. It started when he moved a large quantity of snow away from his greenhouses. Friends and family pitched in with loaders and blowers as the snowman began to take shape. Before anyone realized, it was 50 feet tall.

Folks have been coming from miles around just to see the 50-foot snowman. "It puts a smile on people's faces," Novak said. And why not. With a winter this cold and this harsh, especially in the Midwest. People need something to take their minds off of the awful weather and raise spirits.

The residents of Bethel, Maine hold the record for tallest snowperson. In 2008 they built a 122-foot snowwoman named "Olympia."

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