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50 classic EA games at risk of losing online support

'Battlefield 1942' is among the classics at risk of losing online support.
'Battlefield 1942' is among the classics at risk of losing online support.
Battlefield wiki

Electronic Arts announced in a blog posted on May 11 that 50 classic games are at risk of losing their online support by the end of June.

Electronic Arts

While many games are at risk of losing their online support because of the GameSpy shutdown, EA is planning to shutdown dedicated support for many classic titles. Among the games at risk are the original Battlefield games, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, FIFA games, NFL Madden, Need for Speed along with Command & Conquer.

EA has stated that they are looking into alternative options for titles that have a strong community support. However games that fail to generate strong activity will be not be saved. It has been confirmed that some games like Star Wars: Battlefront II will survive the shutdown due to third-party support.

This announcement contradicts an earlier statement made back in April regarding the future of the Battlefield series. EA had confirmed via Twitter that it's working to save the classic Battlefield games from the GameSpy shutdown.

Crytek had already confirmed back in April that they have no plans of saving Crysis and Crysis 2 from the shutdown. The GameSpy shutdown will only affect the PC versions as the console version will still have their multiplayer feature. However the announcment was met with little to no backlash since Crysis is mostly well known for its single-player story.

Many gamers have been pondering over the fate of Bulletstorm for the PC since it also risks being unplayable after Microsoft shutdown Games For Windows Live (GFWL). No update has been released to remove the DRM requirements need by GFWL and it was removed from the Steam store.

Unless an agreement is meet with a third-party support group, all 50 games will risk losing their online features on June 30. Meanwhile; GameSpy is scheduled to be shut down on May 31, 2014 unless the publishers have switched to an alternative servers.

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