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50 Cent responds after embarrassing first pitch at Mets game

50 Cent threw out such a horrible first pitch for the Mets-Pirates game on Tuesday night that people are still talking (and laughing) about it. The rapper threw with his left hand and some are wondering if maybe he's right handed because his throw was really that bad. After the embarrassing ball throw, 50 Cent laughed it off and blamed it on his alter ego, Curtis Jackson. According to a Wednesday report by the New York Daily News, 50 Cent may have thrown the worst first pitch in the history of Citi Field.

50 Cent throws out first pitch at Mets game and it hooks wildly to the left.
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It couldn't have been nerves, could it? Whatever it was that prompted 50 Cent to let go of the ball early and cause it to sail grossly to the left certainly has people talking. The opening pitch of the Mets-Pirates game at Citi Field was so bad that it almost hit a camera man who was standing squarely in what normally is considered a safe zone.

Footage of his warm up pitches show that 50 Cent knows how to throw a ball. Prior to the game, he was sending the baseball smoothly over home plate with no trouble at all. When talking about his awful throw, 50 Cent blamed it on Curtis Jackson (his real name) by telly a SportsNet reporter, "50 Cent is the best. Curtis Jackson, I don’t know what’s the matter with him.”

There have been some other horrible first pitches in the history of baseball. Remember Howard Stern producer Baba Booey? Another one for the record books was Carl Lewis' first pitch at the Seattle Mariners game in 1993. Remember when he threw the ball and it hit the ground before it even made it halfway to home plate? That was pretty bad too but at least it was straight. Lewis' ball bounced to the pitcher, not into a camera man.

That said, it's hard not to conclude that 50 Cent threw the worst first pitch ever. Especially for someone you would expect to have a bit of athletic ability. Sorry Fiddy, it looks like you might be playing outfield in the next celebrity softball tournament. Way, way back in the outfield. Make sure to check out the video of 50 Cent throwing the wildly awkward first pitch on Tuesday night.

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