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50 Cent Is Working With Swizz Beatz


Rapper 50 Cent has vowed to take drastic measures leading up to the completion of his new album. Fiddy is so focused on making a smash follow-up to 2009s ho-hum Before I Self Destruct that the rapper made a promise to his fans via his Twitter page.

"I'm not gonna cut my hair till I finish my album. I'm working on it now I'm writing," 50 Cent tweeted. "Goodnight I'm beat I'm going to bed I aint gonna be on here again till sat 12:00pm. I'm working on my album I'm not cutting my hair. Till its done."

The rapper has been working with superproducer Swizz Beatz, and took a chance to also comment on Swizz's demeanor in the studio. "I was kicking it wit swiss last night That n*gga happy he got alicia keys. He was smiling and sh*t That n*gga showed me all his teeth."

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