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50 Cent disses Jay Z as overrated, Beyonce divorce rumors debunked on Instagram

50 Cent recently dissed Jay Z, calling the rapper “overrated” in a new interview this week. Jay Z isn’t the only singer making headlines either, as the hip-hop star’s wife — Beyonce Knowles — seems to have finally slammed the divorce rumors surrounding her relationship once and for all via several Instagram photos. In addition to the debunking of the celebrity split gossip, UPI News reveals this Sunday, June 22, just what 50 Cent had to say about some of his other well-known music contemporaries.

50 Cent says that Jay Z is overrated, Beyonc divorce rumors
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

During a special appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” via the Bravo channel, 50 Cent called Jay Z “overrated” in his sit down with Andy Cohen. In the middle of a “Plead the Fifth” round, the music artist said that being overrated is still better than being underpaid, though. He also made a comical statement about Beyonce’s so-called bad breath, downplaying any real tension that might exist between the two.

"He would say he was overrated. Rather be overrated than underpaid," the 38-year-old rapper said in a very light diss of Jay Z. As for his past disagreement with Beyonce, 50 Cent told Cohen that the argument never got out of hand, despite what the media might try to conjecture.

"It's not really bad. Like, her breath doesn't smell," he said. "There's no right way to respond. You just gotta kinda accept it.”

Jay Z and Beyonce divorce rumors have been around for months now, but BreatheCast is asserting that such gossip is simply untrue. How to be sure that the celebrity couple’s relationship isn’t suffering through a particularly rocky patch? Well, Beyonce recently took to Instagram to post some very happy photos of the couple and their daughter on Father’s Day, which seems to have debunked the doubts for the moment.

Although a focus on differing opinions was first cited as the reason for the marriage turning south, the divorce rumors exploded after allegations of cheating on Jay Z’s part — including infidelity on Beyonce Knowles’ side as well — were made by various sources. Allegedly, these “affairs” have been throwing the real wrench into their relationship. More details on the cheating gossip can be found in this previous Examiner report.

According to the press release, Beyonce is accused of having an illicit romantic relationship with her personal bodyguard, Julius De Boer, while Jay Z is said to be partying with too many women during his free time. Divorce claims escalated after “Star” magazine said that Jay Z was even hooking up with a bevy of well-known female music artists, including Rihanna and Rachel Roy. However, it is important to note that none of these cheating allegations have ever been substantiated, and remain only suggestive gossip this 2014.

Despite Instagram photos showing a very happy Jay Z and Beyonce together, people insist that Blue Ivy (including rumors of Queen Bey being pregnant with a second baby in store for the family) are the sole reasons the couple is even staying together in the first place. The social media profile images show Jay Z enjoying his daughter on Father's Day, and his wife looking happily on at the loving scene. Yet in light of such public scrutiny, it seems that both celebrities are simply ignoring the divorce rumors for now and working together to enjoy life, make great music together on tour, and simply avoid the drama.

What's your response to 50 Cent calling Jay Z "overrated" in his interview? Sound off below.

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