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50 Cent claims he wasn't invited to son's high school graduation

50 Cent says he wasn't invited to graduation after son posts message about his dad not showing up.
50 Cent/Instagram

Over the weekend, 50 Cent's son Marquise Jackson graduated from high school in Atlanta. The rapper was not at the ceremony though and the younger Jackson posted a heartbreaking message to Facebook about his father not being there. On Monday according to a TMZ report, 50 Cent did not go to his son's graduation because he was not invited.

Curtis Jackson III, known as 50 Cent, says he did not blow off his son's graduation. He would have loved to have been there but he was not invited to the event. Although he pays the tuition for Marquise to attend a private Atlanta high school, the rapper says he didn't even know what date his son was graduating.

On his graduation day, Marquise posted a picture of himself in cap and gown hugging his mother with tears in his eyes. The message that accompanied the picture read, "Yea I broke down. I was really excited to see my pops at my graduation but he never showed up smh. My sister and mama is always there for me just know that you wasn't. I did it without you.[sic]" 50 Cent is reportedly very hurt by the post made to Marquise's Facebook and more than anything, he wants his son to know that he didn't choose to miss the graduation.

According to Marquise Jackson's sister, the Facebook page with the picture of Marquise hugging his mother is a fake page. She said the family has been trying to get rid of the page for years but have not been successful in shutting in down. If that is the case, whomever runs the fake Facebook has great access to family photos.

Marquise's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins has had a tumultuous relationship with her ex-boyfriend and father of her son. The pair have had a very public battle over their son. There have been many reports about their fight over child support, Shaniqua's living arrangements and over visitation. According to 50 Cent, his relationship has been affected with his son ever since he and Tompkins stopped getting along. She began making it difficult for him to see his son possibly in retaliation because she was upset with him. Don't forget that Shaniqua blamed 50 Cent when her Long Island home burned down in 2008. She accused her famous ex of setting the blaze to a home that he owned.

50 Cent has struggled to have a relationship with Marquise since around the time of the fire, if not before but the issues never got resolved. In January, Shaniqua Tompkins claimed that Jackson hadn't even seen his son since 2012. In the January of 2013, things only got worse when 50 Cent reportedly cursed out his oldest son via text message. The rapper allegedly told his son "I don't have a son anymore" via text.

In any case, it is very clear that 50 Cent's strained relationship with his son is due to the horrible relationship between the parents. Tompkins has been battling 50 Cent for years and this is a case where the child got hurt. There is no arguing that.

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