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50 Cent blasted in NYC after opening Mets season with bad pitch

This is why MC's should never get into athletics....... just as sure as athletes should NEVER rhyme. (Looking at you, Shaquille O'Neal and Deion Sanders.)

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

50 Cent, the Queens-born founder of G-Unit, was scheduled to open the New York Mets 2014 baseball season at Citi Field, and on May 27 sure enough he did, says sources like And just as sure enough, he shouldn't have. The poor guy claims to be able to aim a gun, and he most likely can, but he can't even aim a ball at a catcher's mitt.

The pitch Fiddy threw went WAY outside and didn't even come near either the batter, the catcher (Anthony Recker) or the umpire. It went to the right of them all.

Was his son watching? What does HE have to say about all this (when he's done shaking his head and going, "Why?")?

Whatever the case, 50, born Curtis James Jackson in Queens in 1975) took it all in stride and, although obviously embarrassed at his shoddy pitching performance, was all smiles (probably to prevent weeping or let anyone know otherwise how embarrassed he was). It is doubtful that Mets fans were smiling. But why would they expect an MC to be able to suddenly turn into Roger Clemens overnight?

Here he is, blaming his alter-ego, Curtis, in an interview with Kevin Burkhardt of SUNY:

"50 Cent is the best...... Curtis Jackson, I don't know what's the matter with him."

Trust us: neither of them can pitch worth a darn. What would Eminem and Dr. Dre say about this? Maybe something like this: "Well, at least it wasn't basketball."

Columbia, SC, could any of you done any better? (We already know the answer is YES.)

You can find him "In the Club", but not on the pitcher's mound...... especially after that "performance". Teach us how to stunt, and we'll teach you how to pitch. At least he didn't use his "Magic Stick" in the batter's box.

'Nuff said.

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