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50 Cent and G-Unit reunite on newly released 'Nah I'm Talking 'Bout'

Uh oh – guess who’s back in effect? Just a day after reuniting at arguably one of the best Summer Jams in years, Fiddy and his long-time G-Unit cohorts (Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks) gift their day-one loyalists with a blazing audio package, returning back to mixtape [pastime] prime on the foursome’s own rendition of Hit-Boy and HS87’s newly released posse cut “Grindin’ My Whole Life.” The song, which also includes an appearance from 50’s NOLA compadre Kidd Kidd, marks the first time the Unit has collaborated in six years. And although Fiddy had some rather uncharacteristic choice of words aimed towards that of former Interscope exec Jimmy Iovine, the energy surrounding his set and the Unit’s return trickled over to social media, where it caused not only a frenzy online, but to those in attendance who were in complete awe of what they were witnessing. Well, um, much to the chagrin of his bitter rival Ja Rule, who couldn’t resist chuckling at 50’s decision to revive the 2003 [beef] oldie “I Smell P***y” for namedropping sake.

50 Cent and G-Unit are back on 'Nah I'm Talking 'Bout'
via MissInfo.TV

Of course, as all things regarding 50 Cent, the “In Da Club” rapper found himself in a bit of trouble as well. In an incident somewhat related to him, as he and the crew took front and center for their reunion, some of the Queens native’s goons got into a brawl on stage, and was rumored to have laid a clean shot to the jaw of Slow (of Slowbucks) and reportedly grabbed a chain in the process (which could be in response to Slowbucks recently snapping a picture with 50's son Marquise, who has publicly voiced his issues with his father), all while Fiddy and Fabolous kept busy premiering their newest joint remix to the latter’s single “Cuffin’ Season.” The icing on the cake, well, 50 Cent was seen donning the same stocky chain moments after the melee on stage. What’s beef without 50 Cent, right? The rapper’s new album Animal Ambition arrives in retail and digital outlets tomorrow, June 3rd. Stream above and grab a free downloadable copy of the song here on Hmm, you might want to consider scooping a ticket for this.

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