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5-Year-old Terminal Cancer Girl Draws Hundreds For Her ‘Princess Parade’ Dream

There something wonderfully special about the imagination of young children that enchants and softens the hearts of everyone regardless of age. And that is exactly what happened when a five-year-old girl with terminal cancer was able to live out her childhood fantasy of becoming a princess reported KHSB Kansas City, according to Fox News.

Claire Lankford has cancer and is held by Dad with Mom behind her on carriage in Her Princess Parade
photo credit - KHOU

Claire Lankford has an incurable cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma, which is rare and which the young child has been battling since she was three years old. With all of the bouts of chemotherapy the little princess to be dreamed of what it would like to have an enchanted “Princess Parade.”

So her friends and family determined to make her wish come true in Dickinson, Texas, her home town, organized her dream come true for her. Last Wednesday the magic came alive when Claire was warmly surprised with a, horse-drawn carriage ride around her neighborhood in. In addition, the joy was shown in the faces of the friends, family and neighbors that lined her street as both she and her mom, “dressed up as Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which is Claire’s favorite princess,” reported Fox News.

Tears had to be flowing from the eyes of the hundreds of people show carried signs showing their love for Claire as they cheered and tossed flowers on the young cancer patient.

Claire who has battled the intrusive cancer by undergoing 42 weeks of chemotherapy and four weeks of radiation on her chest and six weeks of radiation on her spine, has been nothing but a tremendous source of happiness, said her doctors and nurses, according to Fox News.

Even though the young child was receiving cancer treatment she still managed to walk the halls of the hospital saying, “Good evening, good afternoon,” according to her parents, reported Fox News.

So it is not hard to imagine the joy that her family felt from neighbors, friends and supporters who also wanted to share a little joy with the little princess on her special day.

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