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5 Worst Lash Enhancers That Really Work Better Than The Best

Eyelash enhancers are available practically everywhere nowadays and all kinds of brands have sprung up practically from nowhere. So we thought about it and we think that jotting down a few notes and doing a little bit of research regarding the more popular brands would be a great, easy and accessible aid for you to decide which brand is the perfect fit for you

Idol Lash
Idol Lash is pretty unique because it is a member of the Natural Products Association. You heard right. Idol Lash is apparently made using all natural ingredients. Its ingredients list includes polypeptides, keratin and kelp. How great is that? An eyelash enhancer that is not only good for your eyelashes but also for your general well being.
Idol lash promises to lengthen you lashes and to make them thicker is a couple of weeks, 2 to 4 weeks to be exact. In a clinical study created by the people at Idol Lash, they guaranteed that about 25% of the participants reported immediate positive results. Also, none of their participants claimed to have suffered from any allergic reaction, itchiness or any sort of skin inflammation due to the use of Idol Lash.

Lilash's claim to fame is its strong conditioning powers. It aims to give you longer and thicker lashes by thoroughly moisturizing them. As we all know when eyelashes are dry and brittle, they cannot grow to their full potential. By making the eyelashes healthy, by logic, they will become stronger and longer.
However, there has been a lot of backlash against this product mainly because of its many reported side effects. For example, some people have complained of odd discoloration in their iris and on the skin surrounding the eye area, such discoloration is usually brown in color. Another side effect that can be added to the list is irregular eyelash growth.

Rapidlash is actually quite similar to Lilash in a number of ways. For example they aim to make your lashes longer using the same process of moisturizing and hydrating them. A lot of people have fund success with the use of this product; they can usually see the difference in only just a weeks time.

However the Food and Drug Association has written a letter questing the safety of Rapidlash. Apparently, as the FDA points out, Rapidlash has misbranded and mislabeled their product mainly because they have not in any way warned consumers of the possible effect prostaglandin analog will have on its users.

Revital Lash
What makes Revital Lash stand out in a sea of eyelash enhancers is the fact that it was created by an ophthalmologist which really just makes us automatically feel at ease about how safe it is to use.
A lot of people have seen a difference in the state of their eyelashes in only 5 weeks time. A lot of the Revital lash's success can probably be attributed to its ingredients. Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide has been added into the mix in order to encourage and promote the growth of the eyelashes. The ingredients list also include Panthenol for hydration and Phenoxyehtanol as an antibacterial agent.

City Lash
City Lash has a different approach as compared to other eyelash enhancers. It focuses on improving and stimulating the keratin production of your eyelashes. By reason of this, a lot of people are excited to say that their lashes have grown longer in just three weeks. City Lash also promises to be extremely safe for use as it does not contain harmful ingredients such as Paraben or prostaglandin analog.

All products have their strengths and weaknesses and it is always up to us to do our research and to determine which product is the right fit. It is also a good idea to research the ingredients lists for these products for you to know what exactly is inside your favorite eyelashes enhancers and to discern whether or not they are really doing more good than bad. Possibly doing a patch test before tying out a product on your lashes is also a good idea. We hope that through this article who have decided on which eyelash enhancer to pick in order for you to get beautifully long and thick lashes.

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