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5 workouts celebrities swear by

Get arms like Angelina and more
Photo by Andreas Rentz

Look like a star and tone your total body with these top-notch, celebrity exercise moves:

Washboard Abs like Miss Universe, 2012: Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe, 2012 and Miss USA, Erin Brady, put their bodies to the test together at the gym. One way the two beauties achieved their washboard abs, was to engage them even while they stretched. Try the sit, reach and twist. Everyone's familiar with the classic sit and reach to stretch those hammies, but take yours to the next level by adding a quick, forceful twist to each side before bending forward. Instead of holding the stretch for a long time, keep sitting back up and twisting before folding again, alternating sides. Remember to engage your abs for the entire workout (even when you're reaching for your toes) to make the most of this ab-work-flexibility combo.

Jennifer Lawrence Lunges: Jennifer Lawrence had to get into great shape to be able to run around and shoot arrows on the set of the Hunger Games. To get lean, strong legs, Lawrence logged some serious lateral lunges. To perform these correctly, grab two weights and hold one in each hand. Start with small, three or five-pound ones, and work your way up from there. Start standing, with your feet together and lunge your right foot about three feet out, not in front of you, but directly to the side. Bend your right knee, keeping your left totally straight and toes pointing forward. Repeat on the left. Do three sets of 10 and work up from there.

Angelina Jolie Arms: Amp up your arms to look strong and toned like Angelina's with some good, old-fashioned bicep curls. Start with a weight that exhausts you after about three reps of 10. Then push yourself to perform two more reps. Gradually add weight every week or two.

Get a Butt like Brooke Burke: Brooke gets her toned, bubble butt by focusing much of her toning effort on her behind. Start with criss-cross lunges, where, instead of stepping out like you would in a lateral lunge, step behind, crossing your legs and bending both knees. Like with the lateral one, shoot for three sets of 10 and increase gradually. Follow up with squats and some intensive cardio and you'll have a bum-to-die-for in no time.

Up your Heart Rate like Jessica Simpson: Cardio's a big part of Jessica's weekly workout routine. Amp up your heart rate and burn calories fast with some of her favs, including running on the treadmill and outside, elliptical workouts, stair jumps and hiking.

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