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5 Wedding Budget Tips !

Two Hearts!
Two Hearts!
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Every bride and groom will hear this following comment over and over : Creating a wedding budget is easy but sticking to it,  is what’s hard.  However to stay within the set goal can be accomplished with a  bit of strategic planning.

Here are 5 planning tips to follow:
1.    To determine the right budget the couple has to sit down together and discuss all the wants and would likes.  Agree on an amount to spend and adhere to it strictly. Each should make a list of what they really think is important to have in their wedding and a list of what they would like to have, but if need be and it doesn’t fit into the budget, they can do without. This will help make sure that the expectations of both partners are along the same lines. One partner wanting something the other does not will lead to hard feelings.

2.    If possible start the wedding planning well ahead of time. Plans put together in a hurry always cost more.  If there is plenty of time then the right supplier who offers the right price can be found.

3.    Don’t forget to ‘comparison shop’. It is acceptable to get quotes from the different suppliers and merchants. Let them know this is what what you’re doing, then the vendors will try to come up with better prices.  However, make sure you make a list of what each is offering to have included in the quoted price and get all price quotes in writing. This will save a hassle if at the end you’re given a different price than the one agreed on at the time of quotes.

4.    Suppliers want your business  so don't hesitate to try to negotiate prices  let them know if you think the pricing is beyond your budget. Ask for more to be included in the price quoted if it’s really the one supplier you have your heart set on. Don't feel  that you’re being ‘cheap’ if you try to negotiate a better price after al it's your money and your wedding. Remember there are a lot of merchants who are willing to work with you on the prices and will offer something for free if they know that you are considering hiring them.

5.    It’s important to keep track of every bit of money amounts you are spending in writing and share this write up with your significant other too regularly so that he/she is also aware. Make deposits only when you hire someone but only pay the balance after the services are complete. This is a way to control that everything is to your satisfaction and that a service was delivered as promised.

Following these simple steps will help with the planning that perfect wedding of your dreams.


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