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5 ways to use writing to increase exposure for your business

5 ways writing can increase your business exposure.
5 ways writing can increase your business exposure.

Writing about your business can be a great way to gain exposure, recognition and new customers for your business. As the owner of the business, your voice is invaluable when it comes to sharing with the public what your company, products or services are all about. You could hire a writer to pen the content for you, but try your hand at some writing yourself and help your business grow using your own perspective of what you are offering others.

Here are 5 ways your writing can increase the exposure of your business:

Blog - Host your own blog sharing what your company does, events you've attended, milestones reach, promotions and more. Anything you would tell someone while sitting down at a lunch meeting or at a business happy hour, share it on your blog. Someone want's to hear about what you have to say. You can also write tips and tricks relating to your business. If you are a baker, talk about yummy things you've made or tips on how to make the perfect cupcake... share your expertise and your credibility will grow. Remember to localize the content especially if your business interacts with a specific community. If you are based in Denver and work with Denver organizations, make sure to write about that as well as your business.

Blog as a guest writer - You don't necessarily need to have your own blog to reap the benefits of the internet new stream. Consider submitting articles as a guest writer or topic expert for other blogs. Find blogs with a follow similar to your target audience and offer to share tips or advice on your business topic. Remember not to write as a sale pitch but more as an expert sharing insight on the topic.

Submit articles and press releases to industry publications - Each industry has a wide range of publications both online and off and many not only accept guest writer submissions, but request it. Your local community magazines and papers may also accept articles submitted especially if the content is written to fit the community reading the publication. Sometimes the publication wants to write the content, but sending them a press release will inspire the content they write. Contact the publication editor and request editorial guidelines and calendar before you submit anything. You can search for a list of Denver media outlets and publications at

Social media comments - One facet of social media that is key to the entire concept is the interaction in a conversation. Follow other bloggers and various publication writers and when they discuss something that falls into your area of expertise, comment on their post sharing your own insight. Always remember to be consider and polite and include your name (or business name) and website address.

Classic communication - One of the most important ways writing can help increase your business exposure is in the communication you offer your clients and potential customers. Take the time to write emails or even handwritten notes. Thank your clients for the work they've provided you. Follow up on inquiries in a timely manner. Most importantly, be accessible to provide information when people have questions.

Regardless of your ability to write fabulous manuscripts that will or will not win awards, taking the time to write about your business and on behalf of your business success is a task well worth the energy. Start locally, and work out from there. Reach your neighbors and community and then expand into the world of communication that the internet has to offer. You are the expert that helps your business suceed as it does, so take the time to share your knowledge, insight and advice with people seeking your services. Give a little... get a lot.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    great suggestions!

  • Profile picture of Susan Dusterhoft
    Susan Dusterhoft 4 years ago

    Great advice for any business! Thanks for sharing!

  • Becky Berzins 4 years ago

    Great ideas... now if I had something to write about!

  • R.R Cratty Parenting & Education Examiner 4 years ago

    Thank you so very much for this great advice!

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