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5 ways to survive your job search

Finding a job is like horse racing
Finding a job is like horse racing
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Job searching--whether you're looking for a career change or are unemployed--requires setting standards for yourself. You have to know who you are and know what you want. You have to wake up each morning. Press the power button on your laptop. Send some emails to your networking contacts. Revise a cover letter. Submit an application. Search for more jobs. Job searching is a process. To overcome it, you've got to persist with a plan.

Life changes instantly, so you have to be willing to take any position that is offered to you because you may not know where it will lead. Knowing the resources your networking connections can bring help from an unlikely place. Just one circumstance might bring about radical change; so plan, but plan that the plan may be changed.

  • You need to consider your most basic needs: safety, sleep, food, and security are necessary for survival. Hope, flexibility, and humility are your keys to keeping sane. Laughing until you cry is better than wallowing in anxiety and stress. You can't get a job if you're not at your best.
  • Have self-confidence even when people look askance at you when you say you've been out of work. Be self-sufficient when employers don't respond to your emails or phone calls.
  • Diligently become better than you are now. Focus on the future. Rely on yourself to be innovative, determined, and independent. Do whatever it takes to make order out of turbulence so you can finish the race in first place.
  • Find ways to stay busy. Volunteer, hold a temporary job, or work with a recruiter at a temporary agency. Take time to budget your finances and stay in fit condition.
  • Make time to spend with friends who will support you emotionally and encourage you during your job search.
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