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5 ways to save money right now

Photo by Debbi Tannock

This year many Nashville locals are worried about the economy because of lack of jobs and higher prices. Listed below are five simple ways to save money right now.

1. Sell recycled cans-we all use them; why not make some extra cash from them? Click here for locations that buy cans in the SE US. Prices fluctuate daily so make sure that you have enough to warrant a trip. Suggestion: flatten cans to make room for more.

2. Divide shampoo and conditioners in half and add water- it won’t get your hair less clean and you will double your supply. Suggestion: Buy them on sale and use coupons. You might even get them for free.

3. Cut dryer sheets in half- they work just as well and you will double the amount of loads.

4. Use coupons- they can save you a ton of money in the long run. You can even get some items for free if you use them during sales. Suggestion: Check with your local stores and see which ones double coupons.

5. Lower your thermostat in the winter and raise it during warmer months-a couple of degrees will make a difference in your monthly bill. Suggestion: wear a sweater and you won’t even notice.


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