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5 Ways to Relax

Ways to Relax
Ways to Relax
Sandpearl Resort & Spa

1. Have a Spa Day

Relaxation is definitely in your future with The Island Mojito Body Scrub at The Resort at Longboat Key Club. You’ll be lathered in an intoxicating blend of fresh mint, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar and salt with a hint of rum, followed by a generous application of coconut oil. The treatment ends with a Mojito served in the newly renovated Relaxation Room.

2. Take a Coffee Break

At 3:05 p.m., head to Marriott Stanton South Beach for a complimentary Cafecito. Since Miami city dwellers rely on their daily caffeine fix at 3:05 (not-so-coincidentally, the Miami area code), the hotel invites guests to join in on the tradition for an extra jolt and a “taste” of the local lifestyle.

3. Lounge in a Hammock

…at Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa with a Cucumber Breeze cocktail in hand. You’ll have oceanfront seats to 1,000 feet of secluded Atlantic shoreline, so grab a friend and settle into two hammocks swaying side-by-side to get a feel for why this is one of “America’s Happiest Seaside Towns.”

4. Catch the Sunset

… around the Sandpearl Resort’s gigantic wood burning fire pit, situated on the powder-white sands of Clearwater Beach on any given evening. Looking for something more intimate? Grab a private fire pit rental and a do-it-yourself s’mores kit. Either way, just as the sun touches the Gulf, you’ll hear the ringing of the historic “Sunset Bell” that signifies the day’s passing and the evening’s future.

5. Dinner with a View the Ft. Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa’s Sea Level restaurant. Here you’ll find a relaxed setting where you can indulge in a creative menu while taking in panoramic views of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. Try the popular Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich and sip on Sea Level’s refreshing White Sangria all while enjoying the gentle sounds of the waves and warm ocean breeze.

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