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5 ways to recharge

1. Sleep - Science shows that going to sleep between 9-10pm keeps healthy hormones regulated. Staying up past 10 pm alters melatonin, and growth hormone production, and we don't want this. These hormones help keep us youthful.

2. Short burst of exercise - Exercising twice a day for shorter durations can help increase energy throughout the day. I will usually run for 15-20 minutes in the morning, and then again in the early evening. Doing this keeps me on my toes, and helps fight afternoon fatigue.

3. Raw greens powder - Drinking raw dehydrated vegetable powder gives a definite boost in energy. Vegetables are very alkalizing, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

I like the health force brand and also amazing grass.

4. Meditate - Pausing for 5-20 minutes during the day can truly help clear your head, and bring some calmness to you. Just take 1-2 brief moments throughout your day, close your eyes, and sit I silence (that means no thinking or day dreaming), just focus on your breath.

5. Get fresh air - Just getting outside is refreshing, and can rejuvenate us. Siting in a building for long periods of time can be an energy zapper. Going outside a couple of times a day can help revive you, and help increase your work performance.

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