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5 Ways to re-energerize your job search for 2012 in Houston

Are you contemplating a new job search for 2012 in Houston? There are many ways for you to energize your job search to land your next position. Review and evaluate your strategy for success:

1. - If you haven't taken advantage of this social media tool to connect with prospective employers, you are behind the times. By establishing an account and connecting with professionals in Houston and also in your field you can get introductions to meet many hiring professionals. Developing a campaign either privately or publicy can help you establish a network of key people in your career.

2. - This site provides insight into companies, salaries and interviewing tips. By reviewing this information you can be more prepared for the next interview.

3. Recruiters - Network and find a couple of recruiters in Houston that can represent you in your search. By using you have find a variety of recruiters in many fields ready to help you.

4. Resumes and Cover letters - Get prepared to design a compelling resume and cover letter that can showcase your talent loaded with keywords and accomplishments. Be ready to beat out the competition.

5. Attitude - Landing a great new job takes persistence, hard work and a positive attitude. Keep up your search no matter how challenging it may seem at times.

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