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5 ways to make Valentine’s Day sweet for your family

Make it warm
Snuggle on the couch for a family night!

Share the love and the sweetness!  Here are 5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Sweet for your Family.
Personal Photo

Make it memorable
Start a new tradition! Take a Valentine’s Day family photo. Print it and frame it to enjoy year round.

Make it Yummy
Whip up something sweet for a Valentine’s Day treat. These decorative vanilla cupcakes are delicious! (see video above)

Make it Sweet
Write out five things you love about each member of your family. Tape them on the bathroom mirror on
Valentine’s Day morning

Make it Fun!
Have a Valentine’s Candy Hunt! Hide individual candies around the house. The one who finds the most gets
in the middle of a family hug!

What do you do to make your Valentine's Day sweet for your family?

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