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5 ways to make air travel easier

Don't let airline travel stress you out on your next trip.
Don't let airline travel stress you out on your next trip.

1. Wear shoes that are easy to take on and off

When it comes time to stumble through the security checkpoint, try to make it as easy as possible for you and for the rest of the line. Don't be that person who is fumbling with their shoe laces that ends up holding up the entire queue. Wear shoes you can easily slip out of such as flip slops, zippered boots, flats or any other kind of slip on shoes. That way you'll breeze through the line, and you won't spend too much time getting all your stuff together once you've collected your items at the other end of the conveyor belt.

2. Wear layers

No matter where you are traveling, the temperature of the airport, airplane and final destination will most likely differ. Even if it is the dead of summer and the last thing you want to lug around is anything with sleeves, carry on that light sweater just in case. The airplane can get chilly, and not every airline will hand out those complimentary blankets.

3. Put all of your necessary items in a folder

Keep your ID/passport, plane ticket, bag claim ticket, etc. all in one easily accessible place. This makes going through the security line that much faster, and a folder will slip right back into your carry on bag with ease before it has to go through the checkpoint.

4. Download a flight tracking app on your smartphone

If you have a smartphone, download one of the many free flight tracking apps. That way you'll always know the status of your flight, and you won't have to stress too much. Some airlines also will send you text messages with flight updates, which is an option you can usually choose when buying your tickets online.

5. Put your laptop at the top of your bag when packing your carry on

When going through security, having your laptop be the first thing you see when you open up your bag will make the whole checkpoint process easier. I've also found it easier to place my laptop behind my bag on the conveyor belt. That way your carry on and laptop case will come out of the other end first, which make it easy to just slip the laptop back into the case and bag before you go on your way.

Bonus sneaky tip: If your flight isn't full, try placing your bag on the middle seat and avoid eye contact while the rest of the passengers board the plane. There is a higher chance that someone will think you are saving that spot, so they won't sit in the middle seat. If this works, then you and the person on the other side of your aisle will have a little more breathing room for the next few hours.

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