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5 Ways to Love Your Body Even if You Have Lupus


An article which exudes a positive tone and outlines 5 ways that you can still love and respect your body even if you suffer from the rehabilitating disease of Lupus, no matter what age and level of fitness you are.

Lupus is a condition which is caused by abnormalities in the immune system. It is an autoimmune disorder which has common symptoms of fatigue, skin rashes and joint pain and swelling it is quite a harsh disease to have to live with and can cause a significantly reduced quality of life with a lot of sufferers reporting feelings of low self-esteem and lack of confidence in their bodies. It shares some similarities with body dysmorphia (although it is nowhere near on the same scale) as users get a slightly distorted view of their body. With this in mind, here are 5 ways to love your body even if you do suffer from Lupus:

Method 1- Have more confidence in your physique

Even if you don't have Lupus, it can be normal to have doubts about your body, whether you are male or female. However, the thing is to remember that everyone has their own beauty. They do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this mantra really is true. A lot of times in life the key to recovery and acceptance is to have more confidence in yourself, whether that be in your abilities, or in this case your looks. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you right believe that you are beautiful, then so will everyone else.

Method 2- Realize that beauty is only skin deep

It may be quite deep and profound to say this, but it matters more about what is on the inside rather than the visual appearance of someone. Furthermore, even if someone is 'attractive' but possesses a less than flattering personality then this can put a dampener on their possibly appealing looks. Conversely, if someone has an attractive personality, then this can improve their looks a great deal. Furthermore, being a nice person has a lot of other advantages like increased social contact, but the main one is it will make you feel good about yourself and realize that you are attractive, no matter what condition you suffer from.

Method 3- Become more intimate with your partner

Sometimes suffering from a certain condition can make you feel 'unsexy', but this does not have to be the case. To reinvigorate how you feel about your body and get your confidence back, becoming closer to your partner (in the bedroom or out) can really have positive implications. Doing these acts releases oxytocin, the affection chemical which inspires feelings of passion and luster. On a deeper level, if you are feeling a little low about your looks due to the effects of Lupus, realizing that someone else still finds you physically attractive can be a real boon to your self-confidence, subsequently making you have a more positive self-image of your body.

Method 4- Undertake regular exercise

Exercise is recommended for anyone as living a passive and sedentary lifestyle is unadvisable for an individual of any age or disposition, but for a person who suffers from Lupus, exercise can have real benefits. Firstly, there is the physical advantage of keeping your body in good working order and in a suitable condition. However, it can make you feel better about your physique as regular exercise can make you toned, particularly if you target a certain area. Furthermore, exercise releases endorphins which naturally put a positive spin on your mood, due to the feel good chemical (serotonin) being released. This makes you feel more positively about life in general, as well as learning to love your body.

Method 5- Have the right diet

In a similar vein to the last point, having the correct diet can also make you feel physically better but also boost your body self-esteem. Lupus is well-known to cause rashes all over the body, but certain 'super foods' can alleviate this to a partial degree, such as acai berries and broccoli and give you a better complexion in general. This will make you feel better about yourself.


Fundamentally, there are many ways that you can love yourself even if you have lupus, which can make you feel better about your body and life in general.

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