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5 ways to improve streetpass functionality in the Pokemon series on 3DS

Pokemon X & Y” have sold millions of copies and take great advantage of the graphical capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, but, at the same time, fail in many other ways in utilizing all the cool options of the handheld. In this list, we break down five ways that Nintendo could improve street pass functionality in the Pokemon series moving forward.

5 ways to improve street pass functionality in the Pokemon series on 3DS

Trading Pokemon Via Streetpass: Similar to the GTS system, trainers could put a selected Pokemon in their streetpass trade queue and set restrictions (or not) on what Pokemon they wanted back. This would create an even more socially-inclined environment that would allow gamers to constantly be in a position to improve their team, even without being connected to a wi-fi signal. Imagine the feeling you’d get when you realized the person you passed by on the subway gave you a much-needed Pokemon towards your Pokedex completion.

Trading Items Via Streetpass: This would work the same way as the Streetpass GTS, but would be for items. Many gamers complained that in “Pokemon X & Y” certain stones were near impossible to get unless they went on the Pokemon website and played the juvenile games with their Pokemiles. While the Pokemile system is fun and should be kept, this would give gamers more options to get the items they need for their journey.

Battling Fellow Trainers Via Streetpass: This has already been done in the Pokemon beat-em-up “Pokemon Rumble Blast,” where gamers get a static lineup from the trainer they passed by and can battle against it whenever they wanted. This would keep the game fresh for as long as you wanted and would allow you to practice against particularly difficult human trainers.

Automatic O-Power Exchange: Much like the traded items and Pokemon systems described here, gamers would be able to select which o-power they’d like to automatically share with a trainer that passes them by. Since leveling-up your Pokemon has been made incredibly easier thanks to the exp-share, why not do something with o-powers?

Streetpass Market: The mall option in “Pokemon: Black and White II” was fun, but this would take it a step further. Allowing gamers to post 10 items/Pokemon in their own street pass store for sale for in-game currency, would be a great way for someone to make breeding, berry farming and even item collecting more enjoyable and even somewhat lucrative in-game.

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