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5 Ways to help your spouse embrace social nudism

Adam and Eve

Social nudism has come a long way in the last five years. Celebrities and athletes are now posing in the buff for magazine covers and nudity has become main stream. At least, for some of us it has. When a person is married to a nudist who enjoys being socially nude, problems in the relationship can surface-if they themselves aren’t comfortable being nude in public.

Nudists are usually up front, right away, about their lifestyle preferences; but occasionally people realize later in life that they want to live sans textiles. That could be a deal breaker for some couples. Here are five ways to make the transition easier…

1. Communicate your feelings-it’s best to express and share your feelings about social nudity with your spouse. Honesty really is the best policy, especially with your loved ones. Explain how being nude is a part of what you are and that you want to experience it together-as a couple.

2. Spend more time nude-if you haven’t already, start spending more time around the house, without any clothes on. Show that you are comfortable in your own skin, and set an example that it’s OK to be nude around each other. Be careful if you have children or other people living in your home, and respect their feelings. You don’t want to scare grandma or the kids, if they haven’t already been privy to your lifestyle choices.

3. Knowledge is power-empower your spouse with information about nudist parks. Send away for brochures, bookmark links, or join a nudist forum online and talk to people that live the lifestyle. Do this together and discuss options. Most non-nudists are afraid of the things they don’t understand about the nudist lifestyle.

4. Join a likeminded group-there are groups for nudist bikers, Christians, hikers, volleyball players, and even geocaching. Do a search online and be prepared to be amazed. It might make the transition to nudism easier if you are doing something that you both have a passion for.

5. Visit a nudist park or resort-do some research and find a nudist park close to home. Then, call the park and ask about tours. Most locations don’t have any problem with couples taking a trip around their park and usually it can be done while you’re still fully clothed.

If your spouse still is not interested in being socially nude, let them know that you understand. Not everyone is comfortable living this lifestyle. Here are two other options-

· Both of you can visit a nudist park that is clothing optional. These parks allow your spouse to remain clothed, while you are nude. This will only work if your spouse is comfortable with being around naked people.

· Or take day trips to a local nudist park alone, if your spouse is OK with it.

Remember, that being empowered with knowledge of what goes on at these family friendly nudist parks, may open up the possibility that your spouse could have a change of heart about nudism at a later date.


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